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K-9 Kraze

Take some time to browse everything from treats, to fleeces and leashes, to our new artisan & LA based beds

You Are What You Eat

At Button Nose, we understand that only the best will suffice. We pride ourselves on the wide variety and high quality assortment of food offered. Most commercial grade pet foods are formulated to keep your pet alive and reasonably healthy at the lowest cost possible. These products often lack a variety of fish, natural, and wholesome ingredients and instead utilize poor quality meats, non-nutritional fillers, and byproducts. That's why at Button Nose, we carry only the top brands in which will promote your pet’s health and make mealtime a pleasure!

Fashion on a Whole New Level

The sidewalk soon becomes a runway with these hand stitched, artisan crafted collars, sweaters, fleeces, and more! Treat your dog to one of our new, show stopping leather collars and tailor made leases to match! Remember; you're not the only one that can look amazing!

A Bed that Means Something

Humans cherish a good night's sleep and go to the ends of the Earth searching for the perfect bed to provide such a prosperous slumber. Why not treat your pup to a similar experience and buy one of our new handcrafted Salvage Maria beds, made right here in Los Angeles. These beds are comfortable, stunning, and authentic. You won't find them anywhere else and each one is especially unique! They come in a variety of colors and patterns so that they fit the style of your home perfectly while giving it a bit of unexpected flair. 

Take a Chill Pill

Life can be stressful. That is why at Button Nose we offer a whole range of CBD products from treats, to peanut butter, to drops to sooth, calm, support, and provide relief. These products are 100% safe and completely natural.

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